Importance of Emergency Vet Care

Petroglyph Animal Hospital is the emergency vet care Albuquerque pet owners trust in their time of need. While it is important that your pet receives consistent care from a veterinarian that is familiar with their medical history, some veterinary offices are only open during weekly business hours. When your pet falls sick or becomes injured, you need a reliable animal hospital that offers emergency care on nights, weekends and holidays.

Importance of Emergency Vet Care  
Having access to emergency veterinary care is crucial in preserving the well being of your animal. Because medical symptoms can range in severity, it’s necessary that your pet receives medical intervention immediately.

There are three critical reasons why emergency vet care is important:
  • Emergency animal hospitals are available when you need them most. Unfortunately, a pet emergency can happen at any time of the day or night. An animal hospital that offers emergency vet care on nights, weekends and holidays will be available to treat your pet at a moment’s notice.
  • Symptoms can change quickly. While some injuries or illnesses may progressively get worse over time, there are many types of trauma that can quickly become medical emergencies. It’s never wise to wait until symptoms become too serious to seek treatment. If your pet needs immediate medical intervention, an emergency animal hospital will be ready to provide life-saving treatment.  
  • Having an emergency vet as your primary veterinarian keeps them prepared. Although you may have a primary veterinarian, choosing to provide your pet with a veterinary office that also offers emergency care is ideal. An emergency vet will be prepared with the specific treatment options your pet needs to stay healthy.  
Emergency Vet Care Albuquerque
Pet medical emergencies can happen at any time. It’s important that you have a reliable and knowledgeable emergency veterinarian available to provide your pet with the healthcare they need. Petroglyph Animal Hospital has provided Albuquerque pets with emergency veterinarian services for over twenty years. Our staff of compassionate veterinarians is available to care for your pet 364 days of the year. Trust Petroglyph Animal Hospital for your entire emergency vet needs.


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