Dog Dental Surgery - What You Should Know?

Dog dental surgery is a rather disturbing topic for homeowners owing to the strong human-pet bond. However, in some unavoidable circumstances like difficult tooth extractions, dislocated teeth, oral tumor extraction, or nasal fistulae, palate defects, and jaw fracture management, the procedure has to be done.
Standards followed before, during and after surgery.
Specific surgical protocols must be followed
Assessment before surgery is done to verify the particulars of the surgery and do a physical examination of the dog. Physical exams include blood tests, documentation among others. Surgical suits; these are meant to avoid infections and contamination of the wound. Sterilize the room and everything in it to prevent contaminating the wound.
Surgical attire; these are disposable and sterile masks and gloves worn by everyone involved in the surgery.
All equipment is sterilized and properly wrapped before every procedure. This ensures no infections arising from the equipment used.
Recovery of …

What do you Need to Know About Puppy Vaccination Shots?

Petroglyph Animal Hospital can administer the puppy shots Albuquerque canines need to live long and healthy lives. We understand that you may have concerns about these shots and want to ease your mind with these four vaccination facts you should know.
1. Canine Core Vaccines are safe. Veterinarians will administer shots that are considered core vaccinations. The diseases that these shots treat include canine parvovirus, canine distemper virus, canine adenovirus, and rabies. The canine core vaccines are considered safe and efficacious for all dogs. In fact, there have been recent developments throughout the last decade that have made these shots even safer for your pet.
2. Your puppy may get very sick or die without proper vaccinations. Many of the vaccinations that veterinarians administer treat diseases that are extremely harmful to dogs. There are no cures available for canine diseases like rabies and distemper. If left unvaccinated, your puppy is at an increased risk of severe harm …

Why Pet Dental Care Should Be Considered Important?

Some people may believe the adage that a dog’s mouth is cleaner than a human’s mouth, leading them to believe that their dog does not require significant oral hygiene treatment. Unfortunately, a dog’s mouth is actually one area of their body in which they can experience significant health issues if their teeth and gums are not properly cared for.

Dogs are actually five times more likely to get dental disease than humans; their mouths actually promote the formation of plaque. Without regular brushing, this plaque can build and become a serious problem. Canines are also at an increased risk of damaging their teeth or jaws via trauma from activities like playing or chewing.

Warning Signs of Canine Oral Health Problems

Unfortunately, your dog may not display signs of their pain. In some cases, unless you are watching your dog as they engage in specific activities like eating or chewing, you may not be able to recognize that they’re suffering from an oral health issue. Smaller issues like chi…
The veterinary experts at Petroglyph Animal Hospital love animals as much as you do and we want to ensure that every pet that visits our clinic lives a happy and healthy life.  We take annual canine vaccinations very seriously and understand why some pet owners may be unsure if their furry friend really needs these shots. Rest assured, we’re here to answer all of your questions and put your mind at ease.

Does my dog need to receive any vaccinations?

Yes. Although you may be worried that the vaccination may harm your dog, you must also understand that your puppy is susceptible to damaging and even fatal diseases if left untreated. For instance, there is no cure for rabies in dogs. Without a rabies vaccination, your pet could contract the disease and pass away within one week. Speak with one of our veterinarians to learn more about which diseases can be avoided with proper vaccinations.

Does my puppy need annual or repeat vaccinations?

Yes. Rabies shots and vaccinations for distemper, he…

Issues to Consider While Giving Medications to your Pet

Importance of Emergency Vet Care