5 Problems That Can Cause Dogs Need Dental Surgery

Imagine not brushing your teeth for weeks — or even months. Now imagine the pain of letting a cavity go untreated or trying to eat with sore gums that bleed. You wouldn’t let your oral health suffer which is why you shouldn’t neglect your dog’s mouth either. Our highly trained veterinary staff at Petroglyph Animal Hospital wants to help you keep your dog happy and healthy. Unfortunately, dog dental surgery at our Albuquerque location is often needed when owners neglect to provide regular dental care for their canine. In hopes of educating all responsible pet owners, we have identified five common problems that can make dogs undergo dental surgery. 1: Broken Teeth Teeth wear over time in humans so you can be sure that they wear down faster in animals that use their mouths for more than just eating. When a dog’s oral health is neglected — whether by lack of care or by allowing them to chew on objects that could harm them — there’s a chance that they will break a tooth. Certain broken teet…

Animal Hospital Tips on Pet Nutrition & Wellness

You love your pet and you want to keep them happy and healthy for the rest of their lives. Although many pets will not suffer any dire medical emergencies throughout their lives, you still need to pay special attention to their lifestyle if you want to preserve their wellness. The expert veterinarian staff at Petroglyph Animal Hospital Albuquerque wants to help you keep your pet as healthy as can be, that’s why we’ve gathered tips concerning the three most important aspects of their daily lives: nutrition, exercise, and wellness. Tips for Proper Pet Nutrition The health of your pet is directly related to their level of nutrition. Keep their digestive system healthy with these tips: ●Do not suddenly switch them to another food without veterinarian discretion. This could upset their stomach and make them sick. If you need to change the brand of your dog or cat’s food, do it gradually. Mix a little new food in the with old and repeat this process until you transition over to the new food…

Tips from a Vet to Help You Recognize a Pet Emergency

The emergency vet specialists at Petroglyph Animal Hospital, Albuquerque have created this quick list of tips on how to recognize a medical emergency in your pets.
#1: Dogs
Any time your dog eats something that it shouldn’t, like chocolate or human medicine, you should take it to the veterinarian as soon as possible to prevent illness or a fatality.
#2:  Cats
Did you know that hiding can also be a sign of a pet emergency? If your cat is deliberately trying to hide from you it may be a sign that it has advanced stages of a disease. Find your pet and bring them to an animal clinic immediately.
#3:  Birds
Pin feathers, also called blood feathers, may break and cause a medical emergency for your pet bird. When one breaks while it is still in the bird’s skin, it can cause the bird to bleed out and die. You should immediately take your pet bird to an animal hospital if it has a broken blood feather.
#4: Snakes
Snakes are susceptible to a number of diseases but one that may be hard to notic…

Common Dental Diseases in Dogs That Can Lead to Dental Surgery

Preserving and maintaining good oral health practices should be a primary concern for dog owners. While many pet owners are diligent with shot schedules and required check-ups, numerous individuals do not understand that a dog’s oral health needs constant attention to successfully prevent diseases from occurring.
Canine dental diseases are common. In fact, more than four out of every five dogs will have a dental disease at some point in their lives after their third year. In order to prevent dog dental surgeryin Albuquerque, pet owners must be aware of, and prevent the common dental diseases in dogs which may lead to dental surgery.
Most Common Dental Diseases in Dogs
Gum Disease: Just as humans can develop gum disease, dogs can also develop this oral health problem due to lack of proper hygiene. As plaque builds below the gum line, it can damage the tissue. These tissues can breakdown and cause inflammation which may lead to other serious oral health problems. Gum disease can either be…

6 Pet Medication Storage Tips to Avoid Danger

The pet medication Albuquerque specialists at Petroglyph Animal Hospital recommend that pet owners keep their pets healthy at home with these six medication storage tips.

Tip #1: Never keep pet and human medications together.
The first rule of pet medication is to store it away from human medication so that no one accidentally ingests it. Always check the label before giving medicine to a human or animal.

Tip #2: Understand that some medications are engineered with flavoring.
This is to help the animal ingest it, however, the smell or taste can make it tempting for them to find. You’ll want to make sure it’s away from where your animal may be able to find it.

Tip #3: Keep the medication stored away from children too.
Not only could children ingest the medication if they find it, but they could also give it to your pet. Make sure the medicines are out of reach of everyone except responsible adults.

Tip #4: Be prepared in case an accident occurs.
Accidents happen. Since your pet cannot tell y…

5 Most Important Facilities Required in an Animal Clinic

Petroglyph Animal Hospital is the animal clinic Albuquerque pet owners trust. We have identified the five most important facilities that we believe an exceptional animal clinic in Albuquerque should have.

The 5 Most Important Facilities Required in an Animal Clinic Albuquerque

#1: Outpatient Facilities
Over half of homeowners in the United States also have a family pet. Out of this group, about 75 percent of them take their pets to the veterinarian once a year. A reliable animal clinic will offer a variety of outpatient services, like vaccinations or checkups, so that pet owners can easily get their animal examined then return home on the same day.

#2: Inpatient Facilities
Unfortunately, as many as 53 percent of pet owners believe that veterinary costs are too expensive. Because of this belief, many do not take their pet to the vet until they discover that the animal is sick. Some sick pets may require additional diagnostic testing which is why it is important that an animal clinic…

Duties of Vets During Emergency & Critical Care

The Importance of Emergency Care Veterinarians While all pet owners hope that they will only need to visit a veterinarian for routine checkups, unfortunately, accidents, injuries, and illnesses do happen. At some point in your pet’s life, they may have a medical emergency that needs to be addressed by a trained professional. Thankfully, there are emergency care veterinarians in Albuquerque, like the compassionate staff at Petroglyph Animal Hospital that can provide the medical intervention necessary to help your pet overcome their health issue. Duties of a Vet during Emergency & Critical Care When considering an emergency vet Albuquerque pet owners may be wondering what role these individuals play during an animal’s health crisis. Though all veterinarians receive training in emergency care situations, some of these individuals choose to specialize in critical animal care. Depending on the type of trauma or health condition, an emergency vet may perform any of the following duties: ●Pe…